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Therapy for Children - Adolescents

I’m glad you’ve taken the first steps to get your son or daughter the right therapy help they need to improve their mental wellness.

When it comes to your family’s psychotherapy needs, know that I provide a safe environment where I help all my clients create long-term positive change.


One of the first things we will do as we get started is create short- and long-term goals and a treatment plan based on his or hers most immediate needs. I find that collaborating with my clients and developing short- and long-term goals together is more effective for near term and long term results.


My role as your family therapist is goal-directed and solution-focused. My therapy approach is evidence-based which means is backed by extensive research. How can I help?

Therapy for Trauma

My child is suffering from trauma and needs a therapist that’s qualified to help and can provide a safe environment to process and heal.

Therapy for OCD

My child’s obsessiveness and compulsiveness is interfering with his/her quality of life. I need a skilled therapist that can help him/her break free from these patterns.

Therapy for ADHD

My child exhibits signs of ADHD. I need a therapist that can help him control his impulsiveness and improve his ability to pay attention in school.

Therapy for autism

My child is on the Autistic spectrum disorder experiencing behavior issues at home and school. I need a therapist with extensive experience working with children with Autism.

Therapy for anxiety

My child is experiencing panic attacks and obsessive worrying and needs a therapist that can help control the anxiety and conquer fears. 

Therapy for behavior issues

I have a son, daughter, with behavior issues and need a therapist that can help improve my child’s state of mind.

Therapy for divorce  children

I’m going through a divorce and need a therapist that won’t judge me and will help my child or children better adjust to the changes in our lives.

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