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Initial Phone Consultation

Before we get started, we can conduct a consultation over the phone, at no cost to you, to review your specific needs and to determine how best I can meet them. We can use this time so you can learn more about me, my background and experience. Likewise, I will use this time to learn more about you. 

Inventory Assessment

Prior to our first appointment, you will complete an inventory assessment, which will provide me with pertinent information about your needs, which will help me determine the best strategies and solutions for you.


I'm available Monday through Saturday for individual and family therapy. In case of a non-medical emergency, I am available over the phone. I would love to hear from you so we can get started on getting you or a loved one the right help. Here is how you can contact me.


Your privacy is important to me. Everything disclosed over the phone or therapy is confidential unless there is a serious risk/threat to you or other individuals. 

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