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PLEASE NOTE: Workshop is Temporarily on Hold

Group Topics

Beauty from the Inside Out

Understanding the impact of society’s body image messages, hidden and overt,  while building a strong sense of real beauty. 


Girl Talk

Managing challenging friendships assertively.

Relationship Traps

Understanding the difference between respect vs abuse and learning what to do in an abusive relationship.


Mending Family Gaps

Navigating and resolving family issues stemming from separations, divorce, and sibling conflicts.

Stress Management 101

Coping skills to handle lives stressors.

Mental Music

Identifying emotions through music to process and heal

Group Ages:
Primrose:  11-14

Rose:         15 - 17


Claremont Village

233 Harrison Ave., Claremont, CA 91711



Primrose Group:     10 am—12:00 pm
Rose Group:            10 am—12:00 pm

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